Our School Day

Our School Day

We value a prompt start for all pupils as we know this gets them off to a good start each morning and being in class promptly with their peers is important to children. 


8:45am School gates open. Please drop your child off at their classroom door. This gives you an opportunity to speak to school staff around the site should you wish to do so. 

8:55am Registration 

9:00am Learning starts 

3:15pm School ends for the day. Please collect your child from their classroom door. Again, this provides opportunities for staff and parents/carers to share any relevant information from the school day. 

Our school day provides pupils with 32.5hrs of education per week.


Your child can access 15hrs or 30hrs of Nursery provision. In line with the whole school day, school gates open at 8:45am, registration takes place and learning starts at 9am.  

15hr Morning Nursery                      15hr Afternoon Nursery

9:00am learning starts                      12:30pm Nursery starts

12pm Nursery ends                           3:30pm Nursery ends 

If your child accesses morning Nursery, please collect them from the Main office entrance where a member of the Early Years team will meet with you. If your child accesses afternoon Nursery, please collect from the Nursery classroom.

For pupils who access 15hrs of Nursery provision we encourage parents to consider whether they would like their child to stay for an additional period of time to have lunch with their peers who access 30hrs. We do not charge for the additional time but you would have to pay for their school lunch. If this is something you would like to consider you can speak to our Early Years team or the school office 


In order to make drop offs and pick ups as easy as possible for families, we extend our 30hr offer to be in line with the rest of the school day:

8:45am School gates open 

8:55am Registration

9:00am Learning starts

3:15pm Nursery ends for the day 

There is no additional charge for the extra time.