Our aims for the teaching of Religious Education are to enrich the lives of our pupils in the:

Love of God for everyone and everything He created
Understanding of the ‘Good News’ of the Lord, to enable ourselves and others to respond to God's love
Teaching of the Catholic faith
Growth of faith by relating the Gospels to their lives and levels of understanding, linked to our Mission Statement and the Come and See programme
Development of prayer and worship
Awareness and respect of other faiths and cultures

The school follows the recommended ‘Come and See’ Catholic Primary Education programme

Advent Term

  • Domestic Church- Family
  • Baptism/Confirmation- Belonging
  • Advent/Christmas- Loving

Lent Term

  • Local Church- Community
  • Eucharist- Relating
  • Lent/Easter- Giving

Pentecost Term

  • Pentecost- Serving
  • Reconciliation- Inter-relating
  • Universal Church- World

Additionally, one week per year is spent studying Judaism and a week each on Islam.


RE Curriculum Overview