Our Patron Saint

Our Patron Saint


As the Patron Saint of our school, St. Bede’s teachings are at the heart of what we do. St Bede, also known as Bede the Venerable, was a renowned scholar and theologian of the Anglo-Saxon period. He was born in Northumbria in 672AD and is widely regarded as one of the greatest historians of the early Middle Ages.

Bede's early education began at the age of seven when he was sent to the monastery of Monkwearmouth. There, he studied a wide range of subjects, including Latin grammar, poetry, and biblical studies. Recognized for his exceptional intellect and passion for learning, Bede's education continued at the nearby monastery of Jarrow.

Bede's most notable work is "Ecclesiastical History of the English People", written in Latin. This historical masterpiece provides crucial insights into the early Christian period in England, as well as details about the conversion of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms to Christianity. His meticulous research and attention to detail make this work an invaluable resource for historians and scholars to this day.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of history, Bede was also well-versed in astronomy, mathematics, and music. He wrote treatises on these subjects, further demonstrating his diverse interests and intellectual curiosity.

Throughout his life, Bede remained committed to his monastic duties, devoting himself to prayer, study, and teaching. He became a revered figure in the church and was known for his humility and kindness.

Bede's influence reached far beyond his lifetime. His writings inspired future generations of scholars and had a significant impact on the development of medieval Christianity.