Premium Information

P.E. and Sport Premium Spend Plan / Statement 



At St Bede’s we believe that a high quality and enjoyable physical education programme is a vital part of a child’s development. Our aim is that all children experience a balanced, inclusive curriculum that leads to life long learning. Children will be given the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and physically. Through an enriched programme, we aim to promote high quality teaching, participation and enjoyment, leading to a healthy lifestyle. Through our curriculum we offer the children opportunities to compete both against themselves and others, in order to build self- confidence, resilience and a sense of fair-play. The P.E. and Sports premium has been used and will continue be used to promote and develop these aims, as well as support teaching staff in their continuous professional development.


Financial Statement

During the financial year-

2014-15 St Bede’s was allocated £8,621.

2015-16 the school was allocated £8,883.

2016-17 St Bede's was allocated £8,900.

2017-18 school was allocated £14,092.

2018-19 school have been allocated £16,000.


Using the premium, detailed above, the following provision for children and continuous professional development for teaching staff has been actioned. 


Actions Taken:

 Review of P.E. and Sport provision with support from Blyth Bedlington School Sports Partnership.


Review and development of Extra Curricular P.E. provision to promote healthy lifestyles. Provision is now being offered in football, netball, cricket, athletics, tag rugby, dance, tumble tots, parkour, multi skills, tennis, hockey, fencing, archery, dodgeball and gymnastics. St Bede’s have also recently formed a new Year 5-6 boys football team to compete in a local league playing against other schools in the area.


All year groups are linked with professional coaches to improve confidence and skills. Their expertise is used to develop the children’s skills in a fun and challenging way. A key part of the coaching is improving the knowledge and confidence of class teachers. All teachers are asked to work alongside the coaches and to reflect on how they might improve their own practice. This is used to enrich their own professional development and learn from experienced and qualified coaches.


All year groups and key stages are offered the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities and sports. These professional coaches are used for curriculum PE as well as extra curricular activities. Children are offered to experience sports and activities that may be unknown to them such as archery, fencing, and parkour, to name a few.