School Performance

Autumn 2015


Early Years

  • Children enter the school with skills that are typical for their age and make good progress so by the time they leave Reception they have skills that are generally above average
  • The school is aware that it needs to address some of the anomalies in its results, particularly in relation to FSM and gender differences


Year 1 Phonics screening check

  • Pupils perform  well  by the end of Year 2
  • Teaching in Year 1 last year was weaker
  • Teaching in Year2 much stronger with pupils catching up rapidly
  • The issue identified in Early Years re disadvantaged pupils is also evident in the reading check
  • Outcomes over time are better than in just 2015


Standards at Key Stage 1

  • Improvement on 2013 broadly in line in 2015
  • Reading trend is upward from 2011 although down on previous year
  • Writing performance is near to national average
  • Maths trend is up and nearing national average


Standards at Key Stage 2

  • Standards have risen to in line with national average over the last year from significantly below average
  • Writing dipped significantly as the school harshly marked its papers, work in books reflected a better outcome 25.7
  • Reading improved significantly to above national average 29.4
  • Mathematics was the best for the last three years at 28.5 this is still below average however.
  • Grammar Punctuation and Spelling were in line with national average and up on the three year trend
  • The school did however meet government floor standard


The school continues to improve and is committed to improving the results further.